About Cody!

Hi there! I'm Cody, a Midwesterner putting down roots in Scandinavia a hoping to find the meaning of life in "hygge" and "smørrebrød". I was born and raised in Iowa but fell in love with Denmark while studying abroad in college and I still can't believe that four years later I'm back working as a Software Engineer at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen.

Outside of work, I spent most of my time training for marathons and knitting shawls that are too big to wear but too small to be blankets.

I occassionally go somewhere or make something cool and write about it, so you can follow along on my blog to stay informed.


This map shows each country I've visited in Europe. My goal is to paint the whole map by the time I'm 30. Hover over a country to learn a bit about my experience there.


I love to curl up in the summer sun and read a book. No that's ok, you go swim, I'll guard our stuff.

You really should know: I am terrible at chess. I much prefer Settlers of Catan, Cacassonne, or other tabletop games.

I have passions and I love to share them. Do you have an hour or two? Oh, and I'd love to hear about yours too!

At the age of 20 I'd never left the midwest. Now I've lived in four different countries and visited over a dozen and counting.


I'm a Software Engineer at Microsoft with a strong focus on accessibility, meaning that I make sure our products work for all of our users, regardless of any impairments they may have to their vision, mobility, or otherwise. Outside of work I've built a handful of extensions for the development tool Visual Studio Code as well as some tools to help me with my running. Checkout my portfolio for a bigger sample of my work.


Front-end Web Development (Typescript, React, CSS)
Accessibility (WCAG 2.1)
Ruby on Rails