VT-Graph Reconfigurable Real-time Graphing of Physiological Data

VT-Graph is an android application I developed for the VirtuTrace project under the direction of Drs. Nir Keren and Warren Franke. The system is used for collecting physiological data from participants during simulations with soldiers, law enforcement officers, and firefighters in virtual reality environments. The participant is hooked to a Biopac system which monitors physiological data such as ECG, cardiac output, respiration rate, and galvanic skin response which is sent to an Android device running VT-Graph. The application allows observers to create reconfigurable dashboards to display physiological data numerically, in line graphs, or in bar graphs.

The project started off with the name "Biograph", as shown in the embedded video, but was later renamed. You can also see the manual I made for the project here.

Technologies Used: Android, VRPN, GraphView - Type: Android Application - Date: Spring 2013