Embroidery Color Substitutions

Back before my love of knitting had really cemented and I was still regularly trying out different crafts, I came home from a second-hand store with a box full of embroidery thread. I started looking for free embroidery and cross-stitch patterns and despite having dozens of colors, I somehow didn’t have the colors the patterns asked for. Rather than trying to guess which colors looked closest to the pictures online, I decided to make a tool that would tell me – if I didn’t have DMC 353 (Peach), maybe I would have DMC 3824 (Apricot light) or 3779 (Terra Cotta ultra). Or maybe I didn’t have the color from the brand DMC, but I had the equivalent from the brand Anchor (which is #6, btw – Peach Very Light).

Of course, by the time I put the site together, learning react and a little color theory along the way, I had decided that embroidery and cross stitch weren’t for me. But at least I made something useful! You can try it out here.

Source: github - Technologies Used: Typescript, React, Node.js, DeltaE - Type: Static Site - Date: Spring 2017