Senior Design: Satsy

Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering students at ISU have a year long Senior Design project to tie everything together. Our project is called Satsy and is a source code search engine based on Dr. Kathryn Stolee's PhD dissertation. Myself and four others worked with Dr. Stolee to turn her local prototype into a hosted, scalable web app built on a Tomcat/Java EE stack.

I worked primarily on the front-end for the site, handling all of the HTML/CSS/JS. This included designing the layout and writing the logic for communicating with the server to start searches and fetch and display results. Lastly, I set up our team website which gives more information about the project and the technologies that went into making it. Visit that site here.

Technologies Used: Apache Tomcat, HTML/CSS/JS, Z3 SMT Solver - Type: Web App - Date: Fall 2013/Spring 2014