Project Plan

Project Description

We will build a search engine that will search for source code based on specified "inputs" and "outputs". The concept for this code search engine was originally developed by Dr. Kathryn Stolee who has named it 'Satsy'. To further develop Satsy, the team will create an online interface allowing users to enter input/­output pairs, develop a method of parallelizing the search process, and design an algorithm for ranking results. This project will incorporate existing modules created by Dr. Stolee that encode input­/output pairs into a format that can be fed into an satisfiability modulo theory (smt) solver, and a repository of encoded code blocks. It will also use Microsoft’s Z3 smt solver.


  • Front-End search/results
  • Parallel searching of encoded methods utilizing Z3 smt solver
  • Scalable database of encoded methods
Download full project plan here.