Time to Run


Running a marathon is hard. Setting up your training plan shouldn't be. Save time on planning and give yourself more Time to Run.

  1. Set the date of your race
  2. Pick a plan
  3. Choose miles or kilometers
  4. Download the plan and add it to your calendar

It really is that easy. Get Started Now!

Edit a Plan or Create Your Own

Choose the plan you want as a base (or the "New" plans if you want a blank slate) and then click the edit icon next to the title of the plan to begin editing, or press "alt+e". You can change the title, add and remove workouts with the icons or "alt+n" and "alt+d", and even reorder them to tailor the workout exactly how you want them by dragging on the "arrows" icon or pressing "alt+up" or "alt+down". To reorder workouts in edit mode, simply drag the "arrows" icon or use the keyboard shortcuts "alt+up arrow" or "alt+down arrow".

Note: As you edit plans in the website, you'll see certain values underlined such as 8 miles or 5km. These underlines indicate values that can be translated back-and-forth between units so that anybody can use them.

Save Your Plan For Later

Once you've created a plan that you might want to use again in the future, or want to share with someone else, download the plan as a json or csv file so you can import the plan again the next time you need it!


This project takes inspiration from Calendar Hack by @defyorg which I've already used for multiple marathons.

This project includes a few popular training plans from Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas, Faster Road Racing: 5K to Half Marathon by Pete Pfitzinger and Philip Latter, Hansons Marathon Method by Kieth and Kevin Hanson, and Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide by Hal Higdon. The plans are not intended to be used on their own and should be used in combination with the books, so please support the authors (and yourself!) if you don't already own them.

You will also find a version of the popular Couch to 5k program

Calendar Icon made by monkik from www.flaticon.com.

All other icons made by Font Awesome from www.fontawesome.com.

Contact Me

If you have made a plan that you think others might benefit from or if you have issues, questions, or suggestions on how I can make this project work better for you, reach out via email or on github.